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search.php 1.52 KB aming authored 2014-07-23 09:40 . 重新修改适应原抓取网站的变化
include_once "init.php";
include_once "smarty_inc.php";
include_once WEB_ROOT."util/mysql_class.php";
include_once WEB_ROOT."util/util.php";
include_once WEB_ROOT."admin/funcs/app_util_func.php";
include_once WEB_ROOT."util/Model_class.php";
function getTopNovel(){
$model = new Model();
$id = verify_id($_GET["id"]);
$category_id = " and".$id;
$category_id ="";
$sql_select="select a.*,c.category_name from t_article a,t_seeds b,t_category c where a.seed_id = and ".$category_id." order by a.click_times desc limit 0,30";
return $model->fetch_all();
$title = trim($_POST["search_text"]);
//$title = str_check($title);
//echo $title;
$db = new mysql();
$sql_select="select a.*,c.category_name from t_article a,t_seeds b,t_category c where a.title like '%".$title."%' and a.seed_id = and";
$query = $db->query($sql_select);
$arr[] = $row;
$links = getLinks();
$advert = getadvert();
$tops = getTopNovel();
echo "±";

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