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Drogon is an open source project at its heart and every contribution is welcome. By participating in this project you agree to stick to common sense and contribute in an overall positive way.

Getting Started

  1. Fork, then clone the repository: git clone git@github.com:your-username/drogon.git
  2. Follow the official installation steps on DocsForge. It’s best to make sure to have the drogon_ctl executable in your shell’s PATH environment variable in case you use a terminal.

Now you can create branches, start adding features & bugfixes to the code, and create pull requests.

Pull Requests

Feel free to create a pull request if you think you can contribute to the project. You will be listed as a contributor, agree to this document, and the LICENSE.

There are also some recommendations you can follow. These aren’t requirements, but they will make the development more straightforward:

  1. If you are unsure about a specific change, have questions, or want to get feedback about a feature you want to introduce, open a new issue (please make sure that there is no previous issue about a similar topic).
  2. You should branch off the current state of the master branch, and also merge it into your local branch before creating a pull request if there were other changes introduced in the meantime.
  3. You can use the following branch names to make your intent clearer:
    • bugfix/123-fix-template-parser when you want to fix a bug in the template parser.
    • feature/123-add-l10n-and-i18n if you want to add localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) as a new feature to the project.
    • If there’s no open issue and no need to open one you can skip the number, and just use the descriptive part: bugfix/fix-typo-in-docs.
  4. Write a brief, but good, and descriptive commit message / pull request title in English, e. g. “Added Internationalization and Localization”.

If you follow these recommendations your pull request will have more success:

  1. Keep the style consistent to the project, when in doubt refer to the Google C++ Style Guide.
  2. Please write all comments in English. Comments for new public API introduced by your pull request must be added and written in Doxygen format.
  3. Format the code with clang-format (>= 8.0.0). The configuration is already provided in the .clang-format file, just run the ./format.sh script before submitting your pull request.
  4. Install Google Test, and write a test case.
    1. In case it is a bugfix, it’s best to write a test that breaks in the old version, but works in the new one. This way regressions can be tracked over time.
    2. If you add a feature, it is best to write the test as if it would be an example how to use the newly introduced feature and to test all major, newly introduced code.

Project Maintainers & Collaborators

In addition to the guidelines mentioned above, collaborators with write access to the repository should also follow these guidelines:

  1. If there are new tests as part of the pull request, you should make sure that they succeed.

  2. When merging Pull Requests you should use the option Squash & Merge and chose a descriptive commit message for the bugfix / feature (if not already done by the individual contributor).

    This way the history in the master branch will be free of small corrections and easier to follow for people who aren’t engaged in the project on a day-to-day basis.

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