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an-tao authored 2020-09-27 22:51 . Bump version to 1.0.0 (#584)


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


1.0.0 - 2020-09-27


  • Fix an issue of simple_reverse_proxy when handling chunked transfer-encoding.

  • Fix a bug when losting connection to MySQL server during query.

  • Remove the expired std::iterator template.

  • Fix a bug when creating models in some special cases.

API changes list

  • Modify methods related to headers.

  • Remove the expired std::iterator template.

  • Add getListeners() method to the HttpAppFramework class.

  • Remove the useless method stat() from the PluginBase class.

  • Add ConfigLoader::ConfigLoader(const Json::Value &data).


  • Add support for status code 418.

  • Modify session handling.

  • Modify the FileUpload.csp in simple_example to avoid CORS.

  • remove execution permission on /tmp/drogon.lock.

1.0.0-beta21 - 2020-08-19


  • Modify the Result class in orm.


  • Fix zlib link error on Windows for the latest vcpkg.

1.0.0-beta20 - 2020-08-15

API change list

  • Provide users with a method to change the session ID of a session.


  • Modify parseContentType function.

  • Modify the docker file to build release version in docker.

  • Set session to requests for websockets.

  • Modify parseContentType function.

  • Change the return value type of the mktime() function in models.

  • Fix compilation warning of sprintf function.


  • Fix a bug when saving uploaded files on Windows.

  • Fix a mysql issue when connections are lost.

  • Resolve an issue when sending big files (>=2gB) on Windows.

  • Fix boost::string_view compilation error of MysqlConnection class.

  • Set the response Access-Control-Allow-Headers header correctly for CORS.

  • Fix a bug in drogon_ctl when creating a model, that causes to write source files multiple times.

1.0.0-beta19 - 2020-07-16

API change list

  • Add a method to disable unicode escaping in json string.

  • Add a timeout parameter when sending HTTP requests.

  • Add the getJsonError method.


  • Remove the restriction on the location of layout tags in views.

  • Add a way to set the character set when creating DbClient objects.

  • Make GET as the only method for accessing static files.

  • Modify the 404 pages generator.

  • Modify the DbClient class.

  • Optimize the HttpResponse class.


  • Properly handle chunked encoding requests.

  • Destroy DNS resolver of HttpClient in the correct thread.

  • Add the header to resolve build errors in VS2017.

1.0.0-beta18 - 2020-06-14

API change list

  • Add a new joinpoint of AOP for modification on each HTTP response.

  • Add a method for the TERM signal handling.

  • Add getContextRef method to the WebSocketConnection class.


  • Create a class template for publish subscribe pattern.

  • Add contribution recommendations.

  • Send a close message when closing a web socket connection.

  • Add additional formats for getHttpDate function.

  • Make app().run() method callable on a non-main thread.

  • Add digest filter in examples.

  • Use string_view to parse multipart/form-data requests.


  • Fix building of ORM on FreeBSD.

  • Fix a Mysql connection error on Windows.

  • Fix a bug in ListenerManager::getIOLoop().

  • Fix the count() method of Mysql ORM.

  • Fix a compilation issue on windows.

  • Fix model generation for PostgreSQL primary keys.

  • Fix a bug with quoted column names in sqlite3 databases.

1.0.0-beta17 - 2020-05-22

API change list

  • Add methods to get DbClient connection status


  • Add causal profiling with coz

  • Add filters on static file locations

  • Pass data from view to its layout container

  • Add additional HttpStatusCodes and implement a custom error handler

  • Modify drogon_ctl to show more compilation information


  • Fix a bug in drogon_ctl (when size of a line is larger than buffer size)

  • Fix a connection bug of mariadb clients

1.0.0-beta16 - 2020-04-27

API change list

  • Standardize Row and Result api in ORM


  • Add support for brotli compression

  • Parse content-type of HTTP requests

  • Remove non standard macros

  • Support url safe base64 codec

1.0.0-beta15 - 2020-03-28

API change list

  • Modify the Attributes interface of the HttpRequest class

  • Add the getHomePage() method to HttpAppFramework


  • Support br compression files

  • Update Content-Type support for PDF

  • Add support for MSVC 2015

  • Optimize the rendering of HTTP responses

  • Update the Dynamic Views Loading, add the layout tag

  • Graceful shutdown


  • Fix error when finding the jsoncpp library

  • Fix the 'many to many' relationship in ORM

  • Fix a bug when creating json responses

  • Fix a bug on filters with WebSocketControllers

  • Fix a fatal bug in the MysqlConnection class

  • Fix crash with partial matched url

  • Fix null jsonObject from newHttpJsonRequest

1.0.0-beta14 - 2020-02-17

API change list

  • None


  • Add IOLoop access function


  • Add support for regular expressions when routing

  • Add location configuration for static resources

  • Port drogon to Windows

  • Support 'password' keyword in configuration files

  • Remove get_version.sh

  • Modify dynamic view loading algorithm, add 'layout' tag for view generation.


  • Fix an issue of out-of-range (#334)

  • Fix a bug in views generation (#341)

1.0.0-beta13 - 2020-01-04

API change list

  • None


  • Add some unit tests (based on gtest)

  • Add a reverse proxy example

  • Make a patch to support the ossp UUID library

  • Make shared linking possible

  • Add the drogon::OStringStream class

  • Optimize ORM

  • Modify singleton logic of DrClassMap


  • Fix an error in the batch mode of libpq

  • Fix an error when clients use HTTP1.0

1.0.0-beta12 - 2019-11-30


  • Make dg_ctl a symlink

  • Modify some code styles

  • Explicitly set path to '/' for JSESSIONID cookie

  • Handle gzip errors safely

  • Add the SecureSSLRedirector plugin


  • Fix a bug in dg_ctl for creating models of sqlite3

  • Reset the flag used to parse json to false before recycling HttpRequest objects

1.0.0-beta11 - 2019-11-06


  • Delete useless log output

1.0.0-beta10 - 2019-11-04

API change list

  • None


  • Add the headers configuration option for static files


  • Fix(compilation on alpine): Replace u_short alias.

1.0.0-beta9 - 2019-10-28

API change list

  • Add interfaces for accessing content of attachments.

  • Add option to disable setting the 404 status code of the custom 404 page.

  • Make user can use any string as a placeholder's name in routing patterns.

  • Add type conversion methods to the HttpRequest and HttpResponse classes.


  • Modify cmake configuration.

  • Modify the quit() method.

  • Implement relationships in ORM.


  • Fix size_t underflow of drogon_ctl.

  • Fix some race conditions.

  • Fix a busy loop bug when connections to mysql server are timeout.

1.0.0-beta8 - 2019-10-03

API change list

  • Add length() method to the Field class.

  • Add as<bool>() function template specialization to the Field class.

  • Add add attribute store methods to the HttpRequest class.

  • Add the setCustomContentTypeString() method to the HttpRequest class.

  • Add thread storage.


  • Use .find('x') instead of .find("x") in a string search.

  • Add the ability to create restful API controllers.


  • Fix a bug of creating models for mysql.

  • Fix a bug when HTTP method is PUT.

  • Fix a bug when using 'is null' substatement in ORM.

  • Fix a sqlite3 bug when some SQL errors occur.

  • Fix bug with parsing json.

  • Fix url decode.

  • Fix a error in HttpClient.

  • Fix a error in setThreadNum method.

  • Fix some race conditions.

1.0.0-beta7 - 2019-08-31

API change list

  • Remove the default value parameter of some methods (#220)


  • Optimize DNS in HttpClient and WebSocketClient (support c-ares library).

  • Reduce dependencies between declarations.

  • Add database tests in the travis CI and add test cases to database tests.

  • Reduce size of docker image.

  • Make the framework API support chained calls.

  • Add a synchronous join point for AOP.

  • Modify the CMakeLists to modern cmake style.


  • Fix bugs in default return values of functions(#220),

  • Fix a bug in the cmake configuration file when there's '+' in the building path.

  • Fix a bug in drogon_ctl (when creating orm models)

1.0.0-beta6 - 2019-08-08

API change list

  • None


  • Modify the 'create view' sub-command of drogon_ctl

  • Optimize the transmission of pipelining responses.

  • Add the DrogonConfig.cmake file so that users can use drogon with the find_package(Drogon) command.

1.0.0-beta5 - 2019-08-01

API change list

  • None


  • Add two methods to control if the Server header or the Date header is sent to clients with HTTP responses.
    • void HttpAppFramework::enableServerHeader(bool);
    • void HttpAppFramework::enableDateHeader(bool);


  • Support high performance batch mode of libpq.


  • None

1.0.0-beta4 - 2019-07-30

API change list

  • HttpRequest::query() returns a const reference of std::string instead of a string_view
  • WebSocketConnection::setContext(), WebSocketConnection::getContext(), etc.
  • Remove the config.h from public API.


  • None


  • Modify the CMakeLists.txt
  • Modify the get_version.sh


  • None

1.0.0-beta3 - 2019-07-28

API change list

  • None


  • Add a README file for examples.
  • Add some managers to reduce the size of the HttpAppFrameworkImpl code.
  • Add missing wasm ContentType.


  • Update the submodule - trantor.
  • Optimize processing of HTTP pipelining.


  • Fix an error in the HttpClient class when sending a request using the HEAD method.

1.0.0-beta2 - 2019-07-10

API change list

  • Add setBody methods to the HttpRequest class.
  • Add the setContentTypeCodeAndCustomString method to the HttpResponse class.


  • Add stress testing command to drogon_ctl.
  • Add -v, -h parameters to drogon_ctl.


  • Update the submodule - trantor.
  • Modify the handling of CORS.
  • Optimize the htmlTranslate method and the Field class.
  • Make all listeners share IO threads in the MacOS/Unix system.


  • Fix a bug of the IsPlugin class.
  • Use default constructor of string_view to reset _statusMessage to fix a warning on GCC 9.1 on Arch Linux.

1.0.0-beta1 - 2019-06-11

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