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包成强 / openEuler-Advisor

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Collection of automation tools for easily maintaining openEuler

Pharse Rules Requires Automatic Data & Tool
1.Select & Fetch 1.1 Official Release official git/svn.. url from spec, from other package system Software Metadata
1.2 Best Version release note、test、user feedback newest/stable/official/compatible version
1.3 Best Version Notify issue/PR auto issue/PR
2.Package 2.1 Meta data summary, deps ... from spec, from other package system
2.2 Check Old Patch (while updating) drop upstreamed patch; check conflict
2.3 Python to RPM way to build python package by pip turn pip to rpm
3.Modify 3.1 CVE & CVE official fix CVE notify & official patch/commit
3.2 Patch upstream upstream bugzilla/git URL auto bugzilla/PR
4.Test 4.1 Upstream Test & Feedback upstream test entry & feedback channel standard test entry & auto feedback
5.Release TODO

Software Metadata


version_control: git
src_repo: xxxx
tag_prefix: ^v
separator: .

version_control The type of a software's version control system. Now we support: svn/github/git/hg/metacpan/gitlab.gnome/pypi

src_repo The original official source url of a software.

tag_prefix The version name is not always the same with the tag name. For example, if a software version is 1.0.0, the tag might be v1.0.0. v here is the prefix.

separator The separator of a software's version name. For example, if a software version is 1.0.0, the separator is ..

How to add a software metadata file

  1. Please check if the metafile is already exist
  2. Copy the Template to Database Dir
  3. Rename the file name, it is suggested that the file name SHOULD be same with the repo name in src-openeuler.
  4. Find the official source url of the software.
  5. Check the version control type, the tag prefix and the separator
  6. Fill the configs

DONE! than you can create a Pull Request.

Metadata Database


Introduction of advisors

Enviroment Setting

1. necessary packages install
pip3 install python-rpm-spec (ver>=0.10)
pip3 install PyYAML (ver>=5.3.1)
pip3 install requests (ver>=2.24.0)
yum install rpmdevtools
2. json file config
content format: {"user":"user_name","access_token":"token_passwd"}

setting personal access token: https://gitee.com/profile/personal_access_tokens
3. gitee ssh config
if not config, please refer: https://gitee.com/help/articles/4181
4. OBS config
if not config, please refer: https://openeuler.org/zh/docs/20.09/docs/ApplicationDev/%E6%9E%84%E5%BB%BARPM%E5%8C%85.html

Use Instructions

1. simple_update_robot.py
single package auto-upgrade: python3 simple_update_robot.py -u pkg pkg_name branch_name
ep: python3 simple_update_robot.py -u pkg snappy master

single package manual upgrade: python3 simple_update_robot.py pkg_name branch_name [-fc] [-d] [-s] [-n new_version] [-b] [-p]
ep: python3 simple_update_robot.py snappy openEuler-20.03-LTS -fc -d -s -n 1.8.1

multi-packages in a repo auto-upgrade: python3 simple_update_robot.py -u repo repo_name branch_name
ep: python3 simple_update_robot.py -u repo src-openeuler master

you can config local yaml for auto upgrade, such as: upgrade-example.yaml
- name: A-Tune
- name: python-py
- name: python-ply
if you want to specify upgrade version for some package:
- name: A-Tune
  u_ver: x.y.z
- name: python-py
- name: python-ply
then auto upgrade upgrade-example: python3 simple_update_robot.py -u repo upgrade-example master
2. oa_upgradable.py
display all tags of target package: python3 oa_upgradable.py pkg_name
ep: python3 oa_upgradable.py glibc

Consultation for advisors:

if any problem, please contact: leo.fangyufa@huawei.com/leofang_94@163.com


  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create Feat_xxx branch
  3. Commit your code
  4. Create Pull Request


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