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韦相铭 / TTWinClient

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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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mogujie Open Source IM App Logo

mogujie Open Source IM is aiming to provide another IM solution in your company for colleagues to communicate with each other.

we've released Win/Mac/Android/iOS client repositories in github as well as IM server repository.

see all projects in our mogutt github account page or visit our website(in Chinese) for more information

Windows Client Features

  • list all colleagues in your company as well as detail profiles like (email addr, title, phone No. etc.)
  • support fast search for colleague profile
  • support communicating through "Text", "Audio", "Image" messages like whatsapp
  • support creating temporary chat group with multiple people all together
  • support permanent chat group created by administrators
  • support basic functions such as Emotion、Vibrating screen、File transfer and so on

How to bulid

  • IDE : VS2013
  • Put the TTWinClient project with TTServer project under the same local path
  • the solution file relative path of TTWinClient is .\TTWinClient\solution\

How to use

  • By using the setting as follows,please input "http://alpha.mogu.io/" ,so the contributor can debug the project without configuring the servers. server address config
  • At the login window,use the account "eric" or "tom" with the same password "123456" to login

The framework of the project

####Introduction TTWinClient project divided into four layers: * first layer: basic library * second layer: logical framework * third layer the business module * fourth layer: total teamtalk control module ####basic library: * utility:some commonly used API such as: string manipulation,database process ,windows thread library wrap and so on * net:commonly used network processing API such as: http client library wrap、asynchronous I/O socket wrap and so on * TTProject:for collecting mini core dump * duilib:a windowless ui open source library ####TTLogic: the framework of TTWinClinet,including as follow: * the operation task scheduling * event subscription and publishing * asynchronous I/O TCP/IP base on WSAAsyncSelect library of long connection * MKO(module key observer) More detailed design document is perfectting

####Modules: * FileTransfer:for FileTransfer manage * Capture:for screen captrue manage * Session:for colleagues or groups session manage * Login:for login and network recontent manage * UserList:for colleagues manage * Message:for sending and receiving message manage ####TeamTalk * TeamTalk:total teamtalk control module

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