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openEuler DOCS

English | 简体中文


DOCS contains all documents of the openEuler community, including the release notes, OS installation guide, administrator guide, virtualization, container, A-Tune user guides and application development guide.

Searching for a Document in DOCS

Open the docs folder. The folder contains documents in Chinese (zh folder) and English (en folder). The English document is used as an example. In the en folder, the docs folder contains the content of a specific document, and the menu folder contains the overview of the document.
Open the docs folder. The relationship between guides and folders is as follows:

folder Content
A-Tune A-Tune User Guide
Administrator Administrator Guide
ApplicationDev Application Development Guide
Container Container User Guide
Installation Installation Guide
Quickstart Quick Start
Releasenotes Release Notes
SecHarden Security Hardening Guide
Virtualization Virtualization Application Guide
userGuide openEuler Toolset User Guide
StratoVirt StratoVirt User Guide

Modifying a Document

When the openEuler version information is updated, the documents herein also need to be updated. Thank you for providing updates.

Checking the Relationship Between Versions and Branches

The DOCS contains the following four branches:

Branch Description Documentation
master development branch, which is the default branch
stable2-1.0_Base 1.0 Base version branch DOCS > 1.0 BASE on the openEuler community website
stable2-20.03_LTS 20.03 LTS version branch DOCS > 20.03 LTS on the openEuler community website
stable2-20.09 20.09 version branch DOCS > 20.09 on the openEuler community website

Participating in SIG

Create or reply to an issue: You can discuss an issue by creating or replying to an issue.
Submit a Pull Request (PR): You can participate in SIG by submitting a PR.
Submit comments: You can submit comments on issues or PRs. You can also comment on the document through Feedback on the website document page. We are always pleased to receive PRs from you.


Maintainer List

Contacting Us

E-mails: doc@openeuler.org
IRC: #openeuler-doc

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