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embest / rpi_sensor_boardPythonGPL-2.0

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FSL sensor board work on raspberry pi
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#rpi_sensor_board Driver: -- all the sensor control API

    test mag3110, print the magnetic data from mag3110
    you can calibrate the mag sensor by

    test mpl3115a2, print the Temperature and barometer or
    altimeter data from mpl3115a2

    test mma8491q, print the Acceleration data from mma8491q

All the sensor demo are working in python2.7

    Read the sensor data and push it to website. The script
    is working in python3.x

Web pages
  1. compass.html
This page display the mag3110 sensor data as a compass, you can turn the sensor board aroud, then the compass on the page will do the corresponding rotation.

  2. temper.html
This page display the temperature value get from mpl3115 sensor, you will touch the sensor board, then the value will change correspondingly

  3. gsensor.html
This page has a small car controled by the mma8491 sensor, you can turn the board up, down, left or right, the car will move as your board motion

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