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iSulad is a light weight container runtime daemon which is designed for IOT and Cloud infrastructure.
11 hours ago v2.0.7 updated on Nov 23 12 issues
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StratoVirt is an opensource VMM(Virtual Machine Manager) which aims to perform next generation virtualization.StratoVirt is based on Rust programming language.StratoVirt is lightweight, efficient and safe.It also has features like Full Sence Support and...
4 days ago 7 issues
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This is a command line utility used by iSulad to performs various operations on container images. iSulad-img is used to pull image from image repositories and prepare the read\write layers for containers.
2 days ago v2.0.1 updated on Jul 02 2 issues
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isula transform kit transform specify docker container to iSulad container
16 days ago Adaptive version to iSulad 2.0.5 updated on Nov 12