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基于官方react-native-cli初始化项目,并自动下载android sdk,自动创建android模拟器,融合诸多填坑实践。开发时也无需使用android studio启动模拟器,一切只需npm start。打包也无需打开android studio和xcode,已经写好shell脚本,可以一键打包和上传。
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What can I do

1、Create project based on react-native-cli.
2、Download android sdk automatically without android studio.
3、Create android emulator automatically without android studio.
4、Run npm start can launch android & ios simulator automatically.
5、Build android & ios app by shell script automatically.
6、Upload ios app to app-store by shell script automatically.
7、You don't need to care about how to install any more, just focus to write javascript code.


  • macos
  • Install xcode 9+    lookup
  • Install node 8+    lookup
  • Install JDK 8+    lookup

Android Studio is not required. We will use shell script to install sdk-platforms and sdk-tools.

You'd better install jdk8, not jdk10. Because jdk10 may make your app crash.


npm install -g react-native-cli@latest react-native-init@latest

Create project

Open terminal and type script:

react-native-init YourProjectName

And then run your project:

cd YourProjectName
npm start


version {string}

You can specify the version you want, default value is the latest react-native version.

react-native-init YourProjectName --version=0.56.0

npm {boolean}

Using npm to install package whatever.

react-native-init YourProjectName --npm

If you don't append this parameter, we will check yarn at first, and then check npm when yarn is not installed.

Supported version

React-Native 0.55.4+

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