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x-studio365 2014 - 2018

x-studio365 is a more powerful,lightweight and fast game develop IDE. It support Particle editing, Scene(UI) editing & Screen Adapting preview, Lua Debug & Edit & Syntax Highlighting & Outlining & Auto-completation. Download the latest version:

Editor major features:

  1. Using cocos2d-x to render the main editor UI directly.
  2. Supports more than 20 1K-layout methods.
  3. Supports ParticleSystem Editing, import & export plist file.
  4. Supports view real adpating vision for any-size of devices.
  5. Supports import CocosStudio ccs project, and json format ui published by CocosStudio.
  6. Supports import .csb, and publish designed ui to cocosstudio(ccs), json, csd formats.
  7. Integrated AES batch encrypt/decrypt tool which work on CBC mode, and support MD5 checksum.
  8. Supports Chinese and English.
  9. Supports SpriteSheet creation.

Code editing features:

  • Suport Auto detect UTF-8 encoding, and support mutli-encodings convertion.
  • Suport vscode/sublime Open Folder… feature, and support multi-program-languages syntax highlight.
  • Suport 5 code themes, Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+NUM9
  • Support search project file quickly with Hotkey: Ctrl+P
  • Support search Lua functions of current document with Hotkey: Ctrl R
  • Support find all at current document with hotkey: Ctrl + F
  • Support replace all at current document with hotkey: Ctrl + H
  • Support find content at all project files with hotkey: CtrlShift+F
  • Support find content at any directory, also can find any folder of project at project view, just right click to open context menu, then click [Find In Files] menu-item
  • Support Visual Studio like Ctrl+Tab feature.
  • Support Navigate Backward/Forward with hotkey Ctrl+-/Ctrl+Shift+-
  • Support Change all occurrences with hotkey: Ctrl+F2
  • Support multi-selection, use Ctrl+D to select next occurrence.
  • Support block selection with Alt key pressed, and move mouse.
  • Support Current document auto-completation
  • Support format current Lua document with hotkey: Ctrl+I
  • Support Lua Syntax check.
  • Support Comment lua source code with hotkey: Ctrl+/
  • Support View file as binary Ascii-View.
  • Support CTRL+RightClick to show shell context menu at 'Project Explorer'

#Code Editing Preview image

Editor shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Shift+Alt+Enter FullScreen
Alt+ MouseWheel Zoom In/Out Node
Ctrl+Alt+MouseWhell Zoom In/Out Scene
Alt + MouseMove Move Node
Ctrl + Alt + MouseMove / Alt + MouseMiddleButton Move Scene
↑↓←→ Adjust postion 1px, continue press: 2px
Press Shift, Change Node Size without width/height factor change.
Press Ctrl, Select Node Additional
F5 Start Debugging
F10 Step Over
Ctrl+F10 Run To Cursor
F11 Step Into
Shift+F5 Stop Debugging
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Restart Debugging
Ctrl+F5 Start without debugging
Ctrl+F Open Find Dialog
F3 Find Next
Shift+F3 Find Prev
Ctrl+Shift+U Convert selected text to uppercase
Ctrl+U Convert selected text to lowercase
Alt + MouseMove block select text
Ctrl + Shift + F Find All in files
Ctrl + D Select Next occurency text
Ctrl + E copy selected text and paste at end of current line
Ctrl + I Correct Lua Indent.
Ctrl + P Quick search file in project
Ctrl + R Quick search Lua function in current document.
Ctrl + Tab Quick switch opened document in stack
Ctrl + Q Quick switch active x-studio365 process instances(project is open)
Ctrl + F2 Change All Occurences of current document
Alt+→ Display auto-completion window
Ctrl+Alt+Num9 Choose Code Theme(Current support 5 themes)
Ctrl + Shift + D temp copy&paste without clipboard occupation
Ctrl + RightClick Project Explorer Display desktop shell context menu

How to use this editor with cocos2d-x

  1. Create a empty project by official cocos2d-x engine console command, such as x365app1
  2. Overrite 'editor-support' & 'external/flatbuffers'
  3. (Win32) Exclude 'cocostudio',GameNode3DReader.cpp,Light3DReader.cpp from libcocos2d project explorer.
  4. (Win32) Add 'editor-support/cocostudio/proj.win32/libxreader.vcxproj' and 'editor-support/dragonBones/proj.win32/libDragonBones.vcxproj' to solution
  5. (Win32) Add libxreader project as reference of x365app1 project


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