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halx99 / xxsocketC

A mini and extremely simple cross platform socket wrapper APIs, support win32 & linux & ios & android & wp8 & wp8.1-universal & win10-universal
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A extremely lightweight & simple cross platform posix socket API wrapper, support win32 & linux & ios & android & wp8 & wp8.1-universal & win10-universal

support IPv6-only network.


  1. Only compile src\xxsocket.cpp src\xxsocket.h src\politedef.h with your project; For gcc, you must add --std=c++11 compile flag
  2. demo code:
#include "xxsocket.h"
using namespace purelib::inet;
void test_connect() 
   xxsocket clientsock;
   // The interface xpconnect_n will detect whether localhost is IPV6 only network automatically
   // and connect the ipv4 server by V4MAPPED address.
   if(0 == clientsock.xpconnect_n("", 443, 5/* connect timeout 5 seconds */))
       printf("connect succeed\n");

#pitfall: For Microsoft Visual Studio, if your project has specific precompiled header, you should include it at head of xxsocket.cpp or specific the compile option: C/C++ --> Advance -->'Forced Include File' to it(such as pch.h).

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