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    Watch MindSpore / mindspore GVP

    MindSpore is a new open source deep learning training/inference framework that could be used for mobile, edge and cloud scenarios.

    Last updated: 18 minutes ago

    Watch openEuler / stratovirt GVP

    StratoVirt is an opensource VMM(Virtual Machine Manager) which aims to perform next generation virtualization.StratoVirt is based on Rust programming language.StratoVirt is lightweight, efficient and safe.It also has features like Full Sence Support and Modules Flexible Splitting.

    Last updated: 2 hours ago

    Watch openEuler / kernel GVP

    The openEuler kernel is the core of the openEuler OS, serving as the foundation of system performance and stability and a bridge between processors, devices, and services.

    Last updated: 2 hours ago

    Watch openEuler / iSulad GVP

    iSulad is a light weight container runtime daemon which is designed for IOT and Cloud infrastructure.

    Last updated: 3 hours ago

    Watch openLooKeng / hetu-core

    openLooKeng is a drop in engine which enables in-situ analytics on any data, anywhere, including geographically remote data sources.

    Last updated: 23 hours ago

    Watch openGauss / openGauss-server GVP

    openGauss kernel ~ openGauss is an open source relational database management system.

    Last updated: 1 day ago

    Watch openEuler / A-Tune GVP

    A-Tune is an OS tuning engine based on AI.

    Last updated: 19 days ago

    Watch openEuler / bishengjdk-8 GVP

    BiSheng JDK 8 is a high-performance, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK 8.

    Last updated: 20 days ago

    Watch Gitee 极速下载 / rust

    Rust 是 Rust基金会旗下的,旨在使每个人都能够构建可靠高效的软件的编程语言

    Last updated: 10 months ago

    Watch Gitee 极速下载 / Calico

    Calico 是纯三层的 SDN 实现,它基于 BPG 协议和 Linux 自己的路由转发机制,不依赖特殊硬件,没有使用 NAT 或 Tunnel 等技术

    Last updated: over 1 year ago


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