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LaravelS Settings

  • listen_ip: string The listening ip, like local address ::1(IPv6), all addresses ::(IPv6), default

  • listen_port: int The listening port, need root permission if port less than 1024, default 5200.

  • socket_type: int Default SWOOLE_SOCK_TCP. Usually, you don’t need to care about it. Unless you want Nginx to proxy to the UnixSocket Stream file, you need to modify it to SWOOLE_SOCK_UNIX_STREAM, and listen_ip is the path of UnixSocket Stream file.

  • enable_gzip: bool Whether enable the gzip of response content when respond by LaravelS, depend on zlib, use php --ri swoole|grep zlib to check whether the available. The header about Content-Encoding will be added automatically if enable, default false. If there is a proxy server like Nginx, suggest that enable gzip in Nginx and disable gzip in LaravelS, to avoid the repeated gzip compression for response.

  • server: string Set HTTP header Server when respond by LaravelS, default LaravelS.

  • handle_static: bool Whether handle the static resource by LaravelS(Require Swoole >= 1.7.21, Handle by Swoole if Swoole >= 1.9.17), default false, Suggest that Nginx handles the statics and LaravelS handles the dynamics. The default path of static resource is base_path('public'), you can modify swoole.document_root to change it.

  • laravel_base_path: string The basic path of Laravel/Lumen, default base_path(), be used for symbolic link.

  • inotify_reload.enable: bool Whether enable the Inotify Reload to reload all worker processes when your code is modified, depend on inotify, use php --ri inotify to check whether the available. default false, recommend to enable in development environment only, change Watchers Limit.

  • inotify_reload.watch_pathstring The file path which Inotify watched, default base_path().

  • inotify_reload.file_types: array The file types which Inotify watched, default ['.php'].

  • inotify_reload.log: bool Whether output the reload log, default true.

  • websocket.enable: bool Whether enable WebSocket Server. The Listening address of WebSocket Sever is the same as Http Server, default false.

  • websocket.handler: string The class name for WebSocket handler, needs to implement interface WebSocketHandlerInterface, refer Demo.

  • sockets: array The socket list for TCP/UDP, refer Demo.

  • processes: array The custom process list, refer Demo.

  • events: array The customized asynchronous event list of listener binding, refer Demo.

  • swoole_tables: array The defined of swoole_table list, refer Demo.

  • register_providers: array The Service Provider list, will be re-registered every request, and run method boot() if it exists. Usually, be used to clear the Service Provider which registers Singleton instances.

    'register_providers' => [
        //eg: re-register ServiceProvider of jwt
  • swoole: array Swoole's original configuration items, refer Swoole Configuration.

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