JVM engineer, compilers and programming languages. Opnions are my own.

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    6K MindSpore / mindspore GVP

    MindSpore is a new open source deep learning training/inference framework that could be used for mobile, edge and cloud scenarios.

    Last updated: 1 hour ago

    442 OpenHarmony / kernel_liteos_m

    LiteOS kernel for devices with few resources, such as the MCU | 适用于MCU等各种资源极小设备的LiteOS内核

    Last updated: 9 hours ago

    1.8K OpenHarmony / kernel_liteos_a

    LiteOS kernel for embedded devices with rich resources | 适用于资源较丰富嵌入式设备的LiteOS内核

    Last updated: 11 hours ago

    403 OpenHarmony / community

    OpenHarmony community governance, developer contribution guide, contribution agreement, and community communication | 包含OpenHarmony社区治理、开发者贡献指南、开发者贡献协议、社区交流等内容

    Last updated: 12 hours ago

    86 OpenHarmony / prebuilts_lite_sysroot

    System header files and standard libraries | 系统头文件和标准库

    Last updated: 13 hours ago

    45 openEuler / isula-build

    isula build kit for building container images

    Last updated: 17 hours ago

    2 src-openEuler / openjdk-latest

    openEuler Community builds of OpenJDK latest

    Last updated: 21 hours ago

    4.3K OpenHarmony / docs

    OpenHarmony documentation | OpenHarmony开发者文档

    Last updated: 23 hours ago

    23 src-openEuler / kernel

    Last updated: 24 hours ago

    22 openEuler / release-management

    release management including key features, release plan, development and branch plan, release scope and notes

    Last updated: 1 day ago


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