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    336 openEuler / iSulad GVP

    iSulad is a light weight container runtime daemon which is designed for IOT and Cloud infrastructure.

    Last updated: 5 hours ago

    843 openEuler / kernel GVP

    openEuler 内核是 openEuler操作系统的核心,是系统性能和稳定性的基础,是链接芯片、设备与业务的桥梁。openEuler 内核致力于打造成最具活力的产业Linux平台,成为信息产业基础设施的可靠基石。

    Last updated: 22 hours ago

    1.8K OpenHarmony / kernel_liteos_a

    LiteOS kernel for embedded devices with rich resources | 适用于资源较丰富嵌入式设备的LiteOS内核

    Last updated: 1 day ago

    1.5K swoole / swoole-src GVP

    Coroutine-based concurrency library for PHP

    Last updated: 2 days ago

    758 lins05 / seafile GVP


    Last updated: 19 days ago

    665 tboox / tbox GVP


    Last updated: 26 days ago

    14 openEuler / iSulad-img

    This is a command line utility used by iSulad to performs various operations on container images. iSulad-img is used to pull image from image repositories and prepare the read\write layers for containers.

    Last updated: 1 month ago

    1.8K 柠檬夕桐 / neural GVP


    Last updated: 5 months ago

    130 baoyou.xie / dim-sum

    DIM-SUM自研操作系统源码。 建议配合《自研操作系统DIM-SUM设计与实现》一书阅读DIM-SUM操作系统源码。

    Last updated: 5 months ago

    221 baoyou.xie / Linux 2.6.12代码注释


    Last updated: 5 months ago