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Working Groups

As described in the MindSpore governance, Working Groups (WGs) are temporary groups formed to address issues that cross SIG boundaries. Working Groups have a have a clear goal measured through specific deliverables and disband after the goal is achieved. Working groups do not own artifacts or feature code in the long term; they create glue codes, specifications, recommendations, and/or code implementations for submission to the relevant SIGs for approval and acceptance.

Proposing a new working group

New Working Groups are created when there is sufficient interest in a topic area and someone volunteers to be the chair for the group and submits a proposal to the steering committee. The chair facilitates the discussion and helps synthesize proposals and decisions.

Joining a working group

Working Groups have most of their discussions on mailing list. If you are interested in participating, please join the discussion in the respective list. Details about any upcoming meetings will also be shared in the mailing list. Working Group artifacts can be found in the working-groups repository.