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Micooz authored 2015-09-01 16:37 . Fixed typo.


This project contains Dockerfiles that power apporz.com -- my personal website. I want to share my ideas and designs about Web-Deploying using Docker with you.



The whole app is divided into four Containers:

  1. Nginx is running in Nginx Container. Recieves requests from Clients then respond.
  2. My App business-logic code and scripts is located at WWW Container. It just stores php scripts and static files.
  3. PHP or PHP-FPM is put in PHP-FPM Container, it fetches php scripts from WWW then interpretes and executes them, making response to Nginx Server. If necessary, it will connect to MySQL server as well.
  4. Considering the flexibility and security, MySQL server must be independent of other containers.

Build and Run

Build Images

At first, you should have had Docker installed.

# build Nginx Image
$ sudo docker build --tag micooz/nginx -f nginx/Dockerfile .

# build PHP-FPM Image
$ sudo docker build --tag micooz/php-fpm -f php-fpm/Dockerfile .

# build WWW Image
$ sudo docker build --tag micooz/www -f www/Dockerfile .

# pull MySQL Official Image
$ sudo docker pull mysql:latest

Run Containers

You must run the contaners in the following sequence:

  1. MySQL Container
  2. WWW Container
  3. PHP-FPM Container
  4. Nginx Container

The first two of which can be exchanged.

# Run MySQL Container
$ sudo docker run --name mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw -d mysql
# see https://github.com/docker-library/docs/tree/master/mysql

# Run WWW Container
$ sudo docker run --name www -d micooz/www

# Run PHP-FPM Container
$ sudo docker run --name php-fpm --volume-from www --link mysql:mysql -d micooz/php-fpm
# see https://github.com/docker-library/docs/tree/master/php

# Run Nginx Container
$ sudo docker run --name nginx -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --volume-from www --link php-fpm:fpmservice -d micooz/nginx
# see https://github.com/docker-library/docs/tree/master/nginx

Have fun!


Micooz micooz@hotmail.com



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