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此仓库是为了提升国内下载速度的镜像仓库,每日同步一次。 原始仓库: https://github.com/chuan-yun/Molten
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molten is transparency tool for application tracing it self module call.

It trace php app core call and output zipkin/opentracing format trace log.

Provides features about muliti trace sapi, multi sampling type, upload tracing status, module control and muliti sink type.

It very easy to build a distributed systems tracing infrastructure base on php, already run on thousand instance on production env.

Table of contents

  1. Installing
  2. QuickStart
  3. Configure
  4. Function
  5. Verify
  6. Features
  7. Contributing
  8. License


Everything you should need to install molten on your system.

make && make install

make install copies molten.so to and appropriate location, but you still need to enable the module int the PHP config file, To do so, either edit your php.ini or add ad molten.ini file in /etc/php5/conf.d with the following contents:extension=molten.so.

at ./configure phase, you can also add --enable-zipkin-header=yes to support zipkin B3 header.

if you want molten support POST method , at the compile phase you should check libcurl-devel is installed.


cd example
sh run.sh

open in your browser, you can see the tracing detail in it.

if you think above is too simple, you also can do this.

cd example
sh complex.sh

it is cool, alright?

NOTICE if you not see the trace, you select EndTime +1 hour.


Base Config

molten.enable set 1 enable or set 0 disable, default 1.

molten.service_name is to set service name for label app service name. now we support add ini_set('molten.service_name', 'YOUR_PROJECT_NAME'); to code to trace different projects using same php enveroment.

molten.tracing_cli set 1 to trace, cli sapi, 0 not trace, just use for trace unit test, default 0.

molten.open_report set 1 to open report php error, default 0.

Sampling Config

molten.sampling_type sampling type choose to use sampling by rate(1) or request(2), default is 1.

molten.sampling_request sampling by request, set to per min request num, defualt is 1000.

molten.sampling_rate determine a request sampled or not by rate, default is 64.

Control Config

molten.notify_uri the uri for molten to notify manger.

Report Config

report module output type is same as sink module

molten.report_interval reporter call interval, default 60.

molten.report_limit reporter list limit current only for error num, default 100.

Sink Config

molten.sink_type sink type, 1 write log, log path is depend on molten.sink_log_path, 2 write log to standand output, 3 write log to syslog, 4 use curl to send trace log, http uri depend on molten.sink_http_uri.

molten.output_type output spans on one line(1) or one line one span(2).

molten.sink_log_path locate log path.

molten.sink_http_uri locate log http uri.

molten.sink_syslog_unix_socket transform log to syslog udp unix domain collector.

Spans Config

molten.span_format span format, you can select zipkin or zipkin_v2 or opentracing for different tracing system.


molten_span_format() get current span format, return zipkin or opentraceing (string).

molten_get_traceid() get current context traceid, return hex string.

molten_set_traceid($trace_id) set current context traceid, return void.


php -d extension=molten.so -d molten.enable=1 -d molten.sink_type=2 -d molten.tracing_cli=1 -d molten.sampling_rate=1 -r '$c=curl_init("http://localhost:12345");curl_exec($c);'

You can see output below:

connect to localhost:12345; Connection


the Config Block above, you can see which feature we support.


we intercept curl,pdo,mysqli,redis,mongodb,memcached extension to build execute time span info. for chain http request, we replace curl_exec,curl_setopt,curl_setopt_array to add http request trace header (x-w-traceid, x-w-spanid and so on).

the span_format is the way to custom span format, for two popular kinds (zipkin and opentracing).


different sampling type and change parameter to control sampling, rate or request.


Sink is the output where you locate, molten support to standard fd, file, http and others (continue), on this way, we can choose where to output trace log.


Use http to control our sampling.

see molten status, request http://domain/molten/status use GET method.

the output is below, already adapt the style of prometheus.

# HELP molten_request_all Number of all request.
# TYPE molten_request_all counter
molten_request_all %d
# HELP molten_request_capture Number of request be capture.
# TYPE molten_request_capture counter
molten_request_capture %d
# HELP molten_sampling_type the type of sampling.
# TYPE molten_sampling_type gauge
molten_sampling_type %d
# HELP molten_sampling_rate the rate of sampling.
# TYPE molten_sampling_rate gauge
molten_sampling_rate %d
# HELP molten_sampling_request the request be capture one min.
# TYPE molten_sampling_request gauge
molten_sampling_request %d

modify molten sampling, request http://domain/molten/status use POST method,

body is json format, field has the same meaning of config.



Report base import info which we do not sampled like error list.


Welcome developers who willing to make it better.

the mail list below you can contract for discuss and improve more power.



You may contribute in the following ways:


Apache License Version 2.0 see http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html

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