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此仓库是为了提升国内下载速度的镜像仓库,每日同步一次。 原始仓库: https://github.com/rgieseke/textadept
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Textadept is a fast, minimalist, and remarkably extensible cross-platform text editor for programmers. Written in a combination of C and Lua and relentlessly optimized for speed and minimalism for more than 12 years, Textadept is an ideal editor for programmers who want endless extensibility without sacrificing speed and disk space, and without succumbing to code bloat and a superabundance of features. The application has both a graphical user interface (GUI) version that runs in a desktop environment, and a terminal version that runs within a terminal emulator.


  • Fast and minimalist.
  • Cross platform, and with a terminal version, too.
  • Self-contained executable -- no installation necessary.
  • Support for over 100 programming languages.
  • Unlimited split views.
  • Can be entirely keyboard driven.
  • Powerful snippets and key commands.
  • Code autocompletion and documentation lookup.
  • Remarkably extensible, with a heavily documented Application Programming Interface (API).


In its bid for minimalism, Textadept depends on very little to run. On Windows and macOS, it has no external dependencies. On Linux and BSD, the GUI version depends only on GTK (a cross-platform GUI toolkit) version 2.24 or later (circa early 2011), and the terminal version depends only on a wide-character implementation of curses like ncurses(w).


Textadept releases can be found here. Select the appropriate package for your platform. A comprehensive list of changes between releases can be found here. You can also download a separate set of modules that provide extra features and functionality to the core application.

Installation and Usage

Textadept comes with a comprehensive user manual in its docs/ directory. It covers all of Textadept's main features, including installation, usage, configuration, theming, scripting, and compilation.

Since nearly every aspect of Textadept can be scripted using Lua, the editor's API is heavily documented. This API documentation is also located in docs/. It serves as the ultimate resource when it comes to scripting the application.

A more structured scripting resource is Textadept Quick Reference, which contains a wealth of knowledge on how to script and configure Textadept. It groups the editor's rich API into a series of tasks in a convenient and easy-to-use manner. This book serves as the perfect complement to Textadept's Manual and exhaustive API documentation.


Textadept is a bit unusual in that building it is only supported on Linux and BSD, or within a Docker image. The application is cross-compiled for Windows and macOS from Linux. While it is certainly possible to compile Textadept natively on those platforms, it is simply not supported in any official capacity.

Textadept is built from its src/ directory and binaries are placed in the application's root directory. The general procedure is to have Textadept build its dependencies first, and then its binaries. Textadept is self-contained, meaning you do not have to install it; it can run from its current location.

General Requirements:

The following table provides a brief list of make rules for building Textadept on Linux and BSD. (On BSD, substitute make with gmake.)

Command Description
make deps Downloads and builds all of Textadept's core dependencies
make deps NIGHTLY=1 Optionally downloads and builds bleeding-edge dependencies
make Builds Textadept, provided all dependencies are in place
make DEBUG=1 Optionally builds Textadept with debug symbols
make curses Builds the terminal version of Textadept
make win32-deps Downloads and builds Textadept's Windows dependencies
make win32 Cross-compiles Textadept for Windows
make win32-curses Cross-compiles the terminal version for Windows
make osx-deps Downloads and builds Textadept's macOS dependencies
make osx Cross-compiles Textadept for macOS
make osx-curses Cross-compiles the terminal version for macOS

When building within Docker, the relevant container image is ghcr.io/orbitalquark/textadept-build:v1.0.

For more information on compiling Textadept, please see the manual.


Your donation or purchase of the book helps fund Textadept's continuous development.

Textadept is open source. Feel free to discuss features, report bugs, and submit patches either to the mailing list, or to me personally (mitchell.att.foicica.com).

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Textadept 是 SciTE tools/SciTE-st 的作者 Mitchell Foral 的最新作品,同样是基于 Scintilla 开发,使用可扩展语言 lua 进 spread retract


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