Oniro Project is an OpenHarmony compatible implementation for the global market, hosted by Eclipse Foundation.


Oniro is an Eclipse Foundation project focused on the development of a distributed open source operating system for consumer devices, regardless of the brand, model, make.

Oniro is a compatible implementation for the global market of OpenHarmony, an open source operating system specified and hosted by the OpenAtom Foundation.

Designed with modularity in mind, Oniro offers greater levels of flexibility and application portability across the broad spectrum of consumer and IoT devices — from tiny embedded sensors and actuators, to feature rich smart appliances and mobile companions.

As a distributed and reusable collection of open source building blocks, Oniro enables compatibility with other open source technologies and ecosystems. Through close collaboration with projects and foundations such as OpenHarmony from the OpenAtom Foundation, Yocto project and OpenChain from the Linux Foundation, Oniro helps build bridges rather than creating a digital divide.

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Oniro’s multikernel architecture allows for compatibility and use with a broad range of devices, architectures, and brands. Our approach reduces industry fragmentation; decreases costs and risks; and enables more stable communication and coordination of actions between different devices. Our technology partnerships further solidify Oniro as a game-changing technology, with a focus on building a cohesive community that elegantly connects intelligent and autonomous edge sensors, actuators, computing nodes, and remote storage devices.

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OpenHarmony compatibility ensures that applications built for Oniro also run on OpenHarmony and vice versa, thus contributing to building a single ecosystem with a global reach.

Our work with Yocto ensures the portability of Oniro across a variety of CPUs and SOCs, as well as reducing overall maintenance costs and increasing Oniro’s release life cycle.

We leverage Linux for CPU-based devices; and Zephyr, LiteOS for MCU based smaller sensors and actuators. This allows Oniro to work in concert with existing and broadly used technologies, thus efficiently reuse industry investments.

Privacy and Security

Oniro helps device makers deliver advanced consumer protection, privacy and security through its unique cloud-as-a-node architecture, which is vastly superior to today’s IoT cloud-centric implementations.

Trusted Open Source Software

Our OpenChain compliant IP policy and process brings FOSS management and conformance directly into the development process. Each Oniro release comes with an SPDX SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) that device makers can leverage for their production devices. In keeping with our goal of making Oniro a trusted open source and industry standard operating system, the Oniro project also integrates a bug policy and security vulnerability policy that provide device makers with content and updates rolled out via Oniro LTS yearly releases. Our unique, flexible and revolutionary approach provides the basis of an ecosystem with a completely new perspective where developers, device makers, and content creators can collaborate to drive a unified platform for the global IoT market.

IP Compliance

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Oniro Project repositories on Gitee are mirrored from Oniro Project Gitlab, the aim is to enhance and improve communication levels between the Eclipse Foundation Oniro project development roadmap and the OpenAtom OpenHarmony one as sign of full compatibility and mutual access.



To learn more about the Oniro project at the Eclipse Foundation, check out the:

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