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A redis client application on mac, windows and linux.
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RCA (redis-client-app)


A redis client application on mac, windows and linux.

PS: The project is still the original version, without rigorous testing. Expect the interested person to download and try it out.

Mac版主界面 Mac版子界面 Mac版子界面 Mac版子界面 Mac版子界面 Linux版主界面 Linux版子界面 Windows版主界面

Update Log


  1. The project was first released.


  1. Project init.

Install Environment

  • The project is based on Electron and VUE development, also it is based on Node.js. Please install the latest stable version of Node.js.

Runing/Building Step

1git clone
2cd redis-client-app
3npm install Install dependency package
4:Run or pack the application

  • npm run start Run the application for development mode.
  • npm run make Package the local projects and the generated software is under the ./out directory.

Thanks List

  • jizongquan UI Support
  • lvhuipin UI Support


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