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Cliff Brake authored 2011-10-26 07:48 . Linefeed to test commits
- Reimplement the interactive mode as a proper ui
- Continue dropping fatal/SystemExit/sys.exit usage in favor of raising
appropriate exceptions
- Continue pylint / pyflakes / pychecker / pep8 fixups
- Drop os.system usage in favor of direct subprocess usage or a subprocess
- Kill the execution of 'tee' for the task log file in build.py
- Fix up the exception handling
- Kill exec_task's catch of FuncFailed, instead catch it in the other
callers of exec_task/exec_func
- What exactly is the purpose of the "EventException"? I can see using an
exception like that, *perhaps*, to abstract away exceptions raised by
event handlers, but it has no place in bb.build.exec_task
- BUG: if you chmod 000 local.conf, it silently doesn't parse it, when it
should really fail, so the user can fix the problem.
- Audit bb.fatal usage - these should all be able to be replaced with
- Figure out how to handle the ncurses UI. Should some of our logging
formatting stuff be made common to all of bitbake, or perhaps all UIs via
the UIHelper?
Long term, high impact:
- Change override application to actually *move* it over -- so the original
override specific version of the variable goes away, rather than sticking
around as a duplicate.
- Change the behavior when a variable is referenced and is unset. Today, it
evaluates to ${FOO} and then shell has a chance to expand it, but this is
far from ideal. We had considered evaluating it to the empty string, but
that has other potential problems. Frans Meulenbroeks has proposed just
erroring when this occurs, as we can always define default values for the
variables in bitbake.conf. This seems reasonable. My only concern with
that is the case where you want to reference a shell variable with odd
characters in it -- where you'd have to use ${} style shell variable
expansion rather than normal $. To handle that case, we'd really need a
way to escape / disable bitbake variable expansion, \${} perhaps.
- Leverage the python 2.6 multiprocessing module
- Worker processes for bb.cooker
- Server / UI processes
- Create a bitbake configuration class which is utilized by the library, not
just bin/bitbake. This class should be responsible for extracting
configuration parameters from the metadata for bitbake internal use, as well
as pulling specific items like BBDEBUG, and importing settings from an
optparse options object.
- Python version bits
- Utilize the new string formatting where appropriate
- Do we need to take into account the bytes literals changes?
- Do we have any file-like objects that would benefit from using the "io"
- Do we want to leverage the abstract base classes in collections?
- Aside: Set methods now accept multiple iterables

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