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Genuifx authored 2020-07-07 01:11 . v2.2.0

Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See Conventional Commits for commit guidelines.

2.2.0 (2020-07-06)

Bug Fixes

  • fix test suite (0a2bf3f)
  • cli: add directive to stuff empty attributes (b4147a9)
  • cli: add rule check for all child module (2573239)
  • cli: allow npm pkg name with dot (8d3af86)
  • cli: drop useless code in mock (73e9f2b)
  • cli: encode html entity while doing empty attributes stuff (5af5c67)
  • cli: fix config merge (05cc3f5)
  • cli: fix right entry point for multi-project (6b78b6b)
  • cli: mustn't lowerCase attributes name or tags (c2ca48d)
  • cli: path bug (bb2f77c)
  • cli: 修复 issue #43 (bf539aa)
  • cli: 去除无用的指令, 修复class输出的bug (a62f6ed)
  • cli: 忘了去掉注释 (cd3b8bf)
  • cli: 省掉 import 后续 StringLiteral 的处理 (5beb1d3)
  • cli2: disable babel compiler to compiler wxs file (57d66a5)
  • copy-plugin: replace ncp with fs-extra to fix the silent error in macos (843a00e)
  • core: fix tarbar errmsg regepx (284537d)
  • validate: add regenerator-runtime to validate (c4680f9)
  • validate: auto clear errorMsg (1792e87)
  • validate: import regenerator-runtime (ce1f771)


  • @wxa/redux: add data field size detect, filter (d9d49f0)
  • @wxa/redux: support reducer registry for lazy load model in subpackage (c10bbe5)
  • cli: add exportDeclaration support (2dc9928)
  • cli: add gitee template repo, wxa2 create command now can choose repo, github, gitee or custom (c63aa4d)
  • cli: add pxtorpx options in wxa.optimization.transformPxToRpx (6760bdb)
  • cli: allow stuff empty attributes (e2998af)
  • cli: allow wxa.config.js exports a funciton or array or object (09e12f2)
  • cli: auto compact injected wxa runtime and node_modules file (ce2c9f1)
  • cli: dynamic inject directive runtime dependencies (160008e)
  • cli: enhance wxa lib import (13e4803)
  • cli: inject wxa platform env to WXA_PLATFORM variable (61862e5)
  • cli: Sourcemap generate (c2bc977)
  • cli: use json5 to support writing comment in wxa.config file (fd87b7e)
  • cli core: dynamic add directive to runtime (50b80dc)
  • compiler-babel: Sourcemap generate (5074b5e)
  • compiler-sass: Sourcemap generating (8ac1420)
  • core: Add sessionStorage and coopreate decorator (5cf9961)
  • core: add wxa.platform, indicate which platform app running at (fd9214e)
  • core: auto switch while using redirectTo/navigateTo with tabbar page (fe35479)
  • core: enabled abort request with fetch methods (f7665ab)
  • core: eventbus support once and scope (0af5ac6)
  • core: export Eventbus class (b48739f)
  • core: export util function (bc51b2f)
  • core: support pass alter options to router methods (d3aa925)
  • directive: 开启wxa指令功能,新增wxa:mock指令 (2a5062a)
  • directive: 开启wxa指令功能,新增wxa:mock指令 (f3114ab)
  • redux: add wechat storage methods (4f97273)
  • redux: deep clone the diff data to avoid effect referrence data (3ff98ac)
  • validate: enable sub component input validate (72999b6)
  • wxa:mock增加银行卡模拟 (288af33)
  • redux: offer a method to get store instance (8f7a71f)
  • wxa:mock增加银行卡模拟 (6faca00)
  • redux: support applied middlewares, add debug mode (f85d7f6)
  • wxa-cli: 支持wxs依赖分析 (c172b1f)

Performance Improvements

  • cli: add whitePropsList to auto add empty attributes (ccfbbe8)
  • core: optimize diff algorithme to adopt complex production mode data (16b6293)


  • cli2: babel compiler never compile wxs file, don't use es* in it.
  • redux: middlewares not can be handled by user.

2.1.0 (2019-08-28)

Bug Fixes

  • cli: checking if a modules is in main package should consider the npm file (6d4a207)
  • cli: color mark wrong, dom-walk fixed (2fead70)
  • cli: fix global components (42c31dd)
  • cli: fix multi components split problem (e0cc3b4)
  • cli: if in wach mode, do not do dep-split (45d8b29)
  • cli: nowaday module's dependencies will auto mark as CHANGED state, so builder shouldn't mark a (58dbe78)
  • cli: transform array to map (e3b6543)
  • cli: use color to specify which modules is changed (167d615)
  • cli: while a module compiled fail, we also need to mark it. (5de7216)
  • cli: wxa file import other source file should rename to target wxa filename (524600b)


  • cli: firstly resolve npm modules's entry file then other (c73d907)
  • cli: split module into subpackage (c5c9a69)
  • cli: split node_modules for subpackage (e257237)
  • cli: support outer dependencies collect (19dfb0d), closes #8
  • redux: bind mapState to context (43143cf)
  • sass-loader: support outer deps (7d3e966), closes #8

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