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XBPU-Ligo / OpenBMC

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Ori Bernstein authored 2015-09-03 13:06 . Openbmc dev snapshot.


Contributing to OpenBMC

We want to make contributing to this project as easy and transparent as possible.

Our Development Process

We develop on a private branch internally at Facebook. We regularly update this github project with the changes from the internal repo. External pull requests are cherry-picked into our repo and then pushed back out.

Pull Requests

We actively welcome your pull requests.

  1. Fork the repo and create your branch from master.
  2. If you've added code that should be tested, add tests
  3. If you've changed APIs, update the documentation.
  4. Ensure the test suite passes.
  5. Make sure your code lints.
  6. If you haven't already, complete the Contributor License Agreement ("CLA").

Contributor License Agreement ("CLA")

In order to accept your pull request, we need you to submit a CLA. You only need to do this once to work on any of Facebook's open source projects.

Complete your CLA here: https://code.facebook.com/cla


We use GitHub issues to track public bugs. Please ensure your description is clear and has sufficient instructions to be able to reproduce the issue.

Facebook has a bounty program for the safe disclosure of security bugs. In those cases, please go through the process outlined on that page and do not file a public issue.

Coding Style

  • 2 spaces for indentation rather than tabs
  • 80 character line length


OpenBMC is made up of different packages. Each package contains recipe files that detail where to fetch source code from third party sources or local directories. The recipe files themselves are provided under the GPLv2 license, but your use of the code fetched by each recipe file is subject to the licenses of each respective third party project or as defined in the local directory.

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