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zhangxubo authored 2021-01-05 21:10 . repair docs build fail
# hugo server --minify --themesDir ... --baseURL=
baseURL: https://example.com/
title: Hugo Book
theme: hugo-book
disableKinds: ['taxonomy', 'taxonomyTerm']
# themesDir: ../..
# Book configuration
disablePathToLower: true
enableGitInfo: false
# Code highlight
# pygmentsStyle: monokailight
pygmentsCodeFences: true
# (Optional, default 6) Set how many table of contents levels to be showed on page.
# Use false/off to hide ToC, note that 0 will default to 6 (https://gohugo.io/functions/default/)
# You can also specify this parameter per page in front matter
BookToC: 3
# (Optional, default none) Set leaf bundle to render as side menu
# When not specified file structure and weights will be used
BookMenuBundle: /menu
# (Optional, default docs) Specify section of content to render as menu
# You can also set value to '*' to render all sections to menu
BookSection: docs
# (Optional) This value is duplicate of $link-color for making active link highlight in menu bundle mode
# BookMenuBundleActiveLinkColor: "\#004ed0"
# Set source repository location.
# Used for 'Last Modified' and 'Edit this page' links.
BookRepo: https://github.com/alex-shpak/hugo-book
# Enable "Edit this page" links for 'doc' page type.
# Disabled by default. Uncomment to enable. Requires 'BookRepo' param.
# Path must point to 'content' directory of repo.
BookEditPath: edit/master/exampleSite/content
# Configure the date format used on the pages
# - In git information
# - In blog posts
BookDateFormat: 'Jan 2, 2006'
# (Optional, default true) Enables search function with lunr.js,
# Index is built on fly, therefore it might slowdown your website.
BookSearch: true