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yangwu / rtenv-in-docker

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yangwu authored 2020-03-31 23:57 . Add introduction into readme

RT-Thread Development Environment in Docker

This docker image is the development environment for it, the source code of the RT-Thread is not included, just the toolchain:

  • gcc for arm-eabi at /opt/gcc
  • static analyzer (clang, scan-build)
  • qemu (with all targets)

RT-Thread is an open source RTOS powering millions of device, created at 2006, its repository is https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread .

For more information about RT-Thread, please visit https://www.rt-thread.io (English) or https://www.rt-thread.org (Chinese)


  1. Install docker-ce (https://hub.docker.com/search?q=&type=edition&offering=community)
  2. Change image dir of docker-ce if your system disk space is tight
  3. Get the image by one of three ways: pull or load or build
    • Pull: docker pull pinxue/rt-env:clang6_opt_gcc
    • Load: put rtenvd.tar.gz saved along with load.bat, run load.bat (sh load.bat for macOS/Linux)
      • Notes: only for local sharing, check save script for making the tarball.
    • Build:
      • 'xgfw' is optional, it speeds up a lot if you have troulbe with GFW (just ignore it if you don't know what's GFW)
      • macOS/Linux: sh build.sh xgfw
      • Windows: bat script to be created, suppose to be build.bat xgfw
  4. run_in.bat or sh run_in.sh (MS Windows is different from macOS/Linux) 4.1 Toolchain: gcc for arm-none-eabi is built-in, you may use fetch script in ./gcc or fetch by your own. Please refer aa64_run_in.sh for mapping the toolchain into env. 4.2 RT-Thread source code: you may git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/RT-Thread/rt-thread in docker container. Or just put somewhere outside the docker, run_in.sh assume it is ../rt-thread (macOS/Linux), run_in.bat assume .\rt-thread (Windows).


docker run --name rtenv --rm -it --privileged -p 8181:8181 \
  -v `pwd`:/home/rtt/rt-thread \
  pinxue/rtenv:clang6_opt_gcc \


Assume you have cloned RT-Thread in .\rt-thread

docker run --name rtenv --rm -it --privileged -p 8181:8181 -v %~dp0rt-thread:/home/rtt/rt-thread pinxue/rtenv:clang6_opt_gcc bash

Tools in Docker

Please cat ~/README.md once you get in docker.


The source of Dockerfile and some utility scripts can be found at https://github.com/pinxue/rtenv-in-docker

If you are working on a chip of other architecture, like aarch64, risc-v, xtensa, mips, x86, etc. you need download the toolchain and map into docker volume, take the aa64run_in.sh script as an example.

You may use this docker env just like a command, just take a look at analyzer_in.sh.

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