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Daniel Sun 6b1ea03 Tweak doco
Eric Milles 31ae3dd GROOVY-5103: allow plain star imports to pick up static inner types
Daniel Sun adcaef6 GROOVY-6453: groovysh in Windows 7/8/10 doesn't support arrow keys and Del
Eric Milles 2c2c82f GROOVY-6882: STC: skip overridden methods when selecting best fit
Eric Milles 7b02712 GROOVY-7232: check resolve strategy of each closure during method search
Eric Milles 7c23478 GROOVY-7232: prefer methodMissing over declared method on next candidate
Eric Milles 65328e6 GROOVY-7304: static compile private field access and mutate methods
Eric Milles 0c5b47f GROOVY-7848: retain generics of list or map elements
Eric Milles 4ebcee8 GROOVY-7996: STC: error for mismatched closure resolve strategies
Daniel Sun 55e1229 GROOVY-8258: trivial tweak and add doco for GINQ
Eric Milles 28a5e15 GROOVY-8270: apply updated generics to parameters
Eric Milles 9c49a89 GROOVY-8715: check array in ResolveVisitor.resolveToInner
Eric Milles 65cdfab GROOVY-8961, GROOVY-9734: use type(s) from call site to resolve generics
Eric Milles f6c6418 GROOVY-8999 (pt.3): STC error for direct access to an inaccessible field
Eric Milles dbf881e GROOVY-9093: SC: add compile-time error for inaccessible field or getter
Eric Milles 9687757 GROOVY-9255: transform "TraitType.super.name" to getName()/isName() call
Eric Milles 52057c6 GROOVY-9256: process closure expressions for Trait.super.name transforms
Eric Milles e770361 GROOVY-9374: prevent typecast expression with null type
Eric Milles 3a1acc5 GROOVY-9386: traits: do not transform dynamic variable within closure
Eric Milles 53cc36a GROOVY-9420: trump getAt(Object,String) with getAt(Map<String,?>,String)