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  • [2021-06-07] NLP Live Class from Baidu has started!🔥🔥🔥 Click HERE to join us!
  • [2021-06-04] ERNIE-Gram pretrained model has been released! Install v2.0.2 to try it.
  • [2021-05-20] PaddleNLP 2.0 has been officially relealsed! :tada: For more information please refer to Release Note.


PaddleNLP is a powerful NLP library with Awesome pre-trained Transformer models and easy-to-use interface, supporting wide-range of NLP tasks from research to industrial applications.

  • Easy-to-Use API

    • The API is fully integrated with PaddlePaddle 2.0 high-level API system. It minimizes the number of user actions required for common use cases like data loading, text pre-processing, awesome transfomer models, and fast inference, which enables developer to deal with text problems more productively.
  • Wide-range NLP Task Support

    • PaddleNLP support NLP task from research to industrial applications, including Lexical Analysis, Text Classification, Text Matching, Text Generation, Information Extraction, Machine Translation, General Dialogue and Question Answering etc.
  • High Performance Distributed Training

    • We provide an industrial level training pipeline for super large-scale Transformer model based on Auto Mixed Precision and Fleet distributed training API by PaddlePaddle, which can support customized model pre-training efficiently.



  • python >= 3.6
  • paddlepaddle >= 2.1

More information about PaddlePaddle installation please refer to PaddlePaddle's Website.

PIP Installation

pip install --upgrade paddlenlp

Easy-to-use API

Transformer API: Awesome Pre-trained Model Ecosystem

We provide 15 network architectures and 67 pretrained models. Not only includes all the SOTA model like ERNIE, PLATO and SKEP released by Baidu, but also integrates most of the high quality Chinese pretrained model developed by other organizations. We also welcome developer to contribute your Transformer models! 🤗

from paddlenlp.transformers import *

ernie = ErnieModel.from_pretrained('ernie-1.0')
ernie_gram = ErnieGramModel.from_pretrained('ernie-gram-zh')
bert = BertModel.from_pretrained('bert-wwm-chinese')
albert = AlbertModel.from_pretrained('albert-chinese-tiny')
roberta = RobertaModel.from_pretrained('roberta-wwm-ext')
electra = ElectraModel.from_pretrained('chinese-electra-small')
gpt = GPTForPretraining.from_pretrained('gpt-cpm-large-cn')

PaddleNLP also provides unified API experience for NLP task like semantic representation, text classification, sentence matching, sequence labeling, question answering, etc.

import paddle
from paddlenlp.transformers import ErnieTokenizer, ErnieModel

tokenizer = ErnieTokenizer.from_pretrained('ernie-1.0')
text = tokenizer('natural language understanding')

# Semantic Representation
model = ErnieModel.from_pretrained('ernie-1.0')
pooled_output, sequence_output = model(input_ids=paddle.to_tensor([text['input_ids']]))
# Text Classificaiton and Matching
model = ErnieForSequenceClassifiation.from_pretrained('ernie-1.0')
# Sequence Labeling
model = ErnieForTokenClassifiation.from_pretrained('ernie-1.0')
# Question Answering
model = ErnieForQuestionAnswering.from_pretrained('ernie-1.0')

For more pretrained model usage, please refer to Transformer API

Dataset API: Rich Dataset Integration and Quick Loading

from paddlenlp.datasets import load_dataset

train_ds, dev_ds, test_ds = load_dataset("chnsenticorp", splits=["train", "dev", "test"])

For more dataset API usage please refer to Dataset API.

Embedding API: Quick Loading for Word Embedding

from paddlenlp.embeddings import TokenEmbedding

wordemb = TokenEmbedding("fasttext.wiki-news.target.word-word.dim300.en")
wordemb.cosine_sim("king", "queen")
>>> 0.77053076
wordemb.cosine_sim("apple", "rail")
>>> 0.29207364

For more TokenEmbedding usage, please refer to Embedding API

More API Usage

Please find more API Reference from our readthedocs.

Wide-range NLP Task Support

PaddleNLP provide rich application examples covers mainstream NLP task to help developer accelerate problem solving.

NLP Basic Task

NLP Core Technique

NLP Industrial Applications

Extented Application


Please refer to our official AI Studio account for more interactive tutorials: PaddleNLP on AI Studio


Special Interest Group (SIG)

Welcome to join PaddleNLP SIG for contribution, eg. Dataset, Models and Toolkit.


To connect with other users and contributors, welcome to join our Slack channel.


Join our QQ Technical Group for technical exchange right now! ⬇️


For more details about our release, please refer to ChangeLog


PaddleNLP is provided under the Apache-2.0 License.

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An NLP library with Awesome pre-trained Transformer models and easy-to-use interface, supporting wide-range of NLP tasks from research to industrial applications. spread retract

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