SOFAStack(Scalable Open Financial Architecture Stack)是用于快速构建金融级分布式架构的一套中间件,也是在金融场景里锤炼出来的最佳实践
SOFAStack(Scalable Open Financial Architecture Stack)是用于快速构建金融级分布式架构的一套中间件,也是在金融场景里锤炼出来的最佳实践。欢迎访问 了解~ 当然我们也在招人,坐标杭北上广蓉,欢迎联系我们。

SOFAStack™ (Scalable Open Financial Architecture Stack) is a collection of cloud native middleware components, which are designed to build distributed systems with high performance and reliability, and have been fully validated by mission-critical financial business scenarios.


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  • SOFABoot is a development framework open sourced by Ant Financial which is based on Spring Boot, provides capabilities such as Readiness Check, class isolation, log space isolation and asynchronous initialization of bean.
  • SOFARPC is a high-performance, high-extensibility, production-level Java RPC framework.
  • SOFAMesh is a large-scale implementation solution for Service Mesh which is improved and extended based on Istio.
  • SOFATracer is a distributed link tracing system based on OpenTracing specification.
  • SOFALookout is a lightweight and open source middleware service that solves the metrics and monitoring issues of the system.
  • SOFABolt is a network communication framework implemented based on Netty.
  • SOFAArk is a light-weight, java based classloader isolation framework.
  • SOFAJarslink is a dynamic modules and merged deployments solution based on SOFAArk.
  • SOFAActs (AntCoreTest) is a white-box testing framework that is based on the accumulation of testing practices for financial-grade distributed architectures.
  • SOFAJraft is a production-grade, high-performance Java implementation based on the RAFT consensus algorithm.
  • SOFARegistry is a production ready, high efficient, highly available service registry.
  • SOFADashboard is a one-stop console of SOFAStack.
  • Mosn (Modular Observable Smart Network) is a powerful proxy acting as Service Mesh's data plane written in GoLang.
  • Seata is a distributed transaction solution that delivers high performance and easy to use distributed transaction services under a microservices architecture.

More projects in: github/sofastack


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    • Official Account:Antfin_SOFA is a technology exchange platform dedicated to building first-class distributed technologies in financial scenario applications, focusing on the most cutting-edge, reference-oriented technical solutions and implementation routes in the financial technology industry.

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    • DingTalk Group:「SOFAStack Online service」, If you have used any SOFAStack related components in a production environment, please let us know, and we will invite you to join this group for faster communication and more efficient use of problem support online.

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Known Users

Here we list the companies or organizations we know that use all or part of the SOFAStack in production environments. You can go through SOFAStack User Registration to register. After registration, we will invite you to join the DingTalk group「SOFAStack Online service」for faster communication and more efficient online use support. The following rankings are in no particular order: 蚂蚁集团 网商银行 恒生电子 数立信息 Paytm 天弘基金 中国人保 信美相互 南京银行 民生银行 重庆农商行 中信证券 富滇银行 挖财 拍拍贷 OPPO金融 运满满 译筑科技 杭州米雅信息科技 邦道科技 申通快递 深圳大头兄弟文化 烽火科技 亚信科技 成都云智天下科技 上海溢米辅导 态赋科技 风一科技 武汉易企盈 极致医疗 京东 小象生鲜 北京云族佳 欣亿云网 山东网聪 深圳市诺安赛威 上扬软件 长沙点三 网易云音乐 虎牙直播 中国移动 无纸科技 黄金钱包 独木桥网络 wueasy 北京攸乐科技 易宝支付 威马汽车 亿通国际 新华三 klilalagroup


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